Production & Technology

In our sawmill, we use modern woodchipper and circular saw technology. With this technology, we are able to produce extremely precise and flexible sawn timber. We cut to order, and our in-house calculation program selects the optimum logs for the job. First-class surface quality is very important to us.

Once the wood has passed through the chipper/circular saw combination, we process it further in an edger and a pre-sorting system for sawn timber.

We dry the wood professionally in drying chambers and in a storage area, and our experienced employees then sort it precisely. This is how we ensure the high quality of our wood products.

Thanks to our efficient biomass heating plant and computer-controlled drying chambers, we have a 100% drying capacity.

Our modern post-sorting and packaging plant enables precise electronic measurement, professional classification and a first-class look at the sawn timber packages.


Sawn Timber

Healthy, dimensionally stable sawn timber with excellent surface quality comes from years of experience: Not only does the quality of the logs determine the final product but also the machines used, the precision of the drying and sorting process as well as the know-how of the employees. At EGGER HOLZ, we always provide high-quality products.

When it comes to the processing of sawn timber, we are flexible and tailor our services entirely to your needs. In addition to standard dimensions, we also offer various non-standard products with special dimensions or different qualities

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Our high-quality pallets meet all requirements for optimum transport of various types of goods. We manufacture them with a computer-controlled nailing machine that guarantees a high degree of accuracy and flexibility.

For our pallets, we use our own sawn timber to achieve high dimensional stability. We select the wood for the pallets, store it and lengthen it according to the order.

We deliver all standard dimensions, but also non-standard dimensions and heat-treated pallets according to ISPM 15 for export in minimum time.

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Mill by-products

Wood is precious. Therefore, we are particularly concerned about the complete recycling of wood. We resell our sawmill by-products as sawdust for the production of chipboard and wood pellets as well as for agricultural use.

If you would like to pick up sawdust from our factory, please call us in advance. The minimum quantity is four cubic metres.

Friday morning from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

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